About us

About us

A full-service creative agency ran by a dynamic duo obsessed with all things marketing

Who we are

Founded in June 2018, Kreativity Marketing exists to help businesses to create and boost their marketing presence. We’re a full-service marketing agency, meaning we provide services from branding and design through to website design, marketing and copywriting. If we don’t offer a service you need, you can be sure that we know someone brilliant to put you in touch with.

Unlike other agencies, we don’t hide the fact that we’re a duo working from home. We emphasise it! With Kreativity, you’re not just another account, you’re part of the family. As our clients will confirm, we are extremely dedicated to helping others succeed in all methods possible – whether that’s answering emails at 1am or providing soothing off-the-cuff assistance when you’re in a mild panic.

We both live and breathe Kreativity, and have helped businesses in a massively broad range of industries from tree surgeons, cleaners, oil companies and clay pigeon shooting grounds to make-up artists and furniture manufacturers. If you need some marketing expertise, we’d truly love to hear from you.

The Kreativity Duo


Our company is rooted in the fact that we are absolutely head-over-heels about all things marketing. And what's better than working with a company that is genuinely ecstatic about what they do?


To help as many businesses as humanly possible to create the marketing of their dreams and succeed in what they do.

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